Olympic Games Spawn High Ad Spending, Economic Hope for Entire Industry


The biennial Olympic Games is undeniably one of the largest, most publicized and most highly anticipated television broadcasts of the year, with enough fanatical support to make it extraordinarily profitable as well. 


NBC paid a hefty fee for the TV rights to the 2012 games almost ten years ago. The network turned around to garner more than $1 billion in ad revenue and employed almost 3,400 people for its coverage, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times. Pretty impressive figures considering we’re in a recession, don’t you think?


Although many industries did get hit by the economic downfall that began in 2008, the sports and entertainment industry as a whole seems to only be getting stronger. While people might be scaling back on pedicures and designer jeans, there are some things that most Americans are willing to keep spending their time and money on – like entertainment; and time-honored traditions such as the Olympics will continue to be at the top of the list for both consumers and advertisers.


With increased ad revenue comes more work and therefore more workers needed – which means now is a better time than ever to pursue your dream job in entertainment or sports marketing or production. With marketing spend rates up much higher this year than the past four, there hasbeen an uptake in employment opportunities throughout these creative industries: advertising jobs in Chicago are rapidly being created, entertainment jobs in Atlanta are on the rise, and when it comes to TV production and music jobs in Los Angeles can barely hire fast enough.


Settle yourself into a career that isn’t looming on extinction – the deep pockets of the industry ensure you have plenty of room for growth and job security in the coming years. 4EntertainmentJobs.com has thousands of job postings that will help you kick start your dream career.

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