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Podcasts Gain Renaissance with Newfound Popularity

Advertisers have a hard time ignoring 8.3 million listeners. That’s the average audience for a single episode of NPR’s recent season of “Serial” – a true life exploration of the case of Adnan Syed. Serial’s success has helped begin a resurgence of podcast interest and production.

The Top Companies with Great Employee Satisfaction

Finding a job is more than just finding a company that may want to actually hire you, it’s about finding the perfect fit. The average American work week currently stands at 47 hours. That’s a lot of time investment for any employee, and spending that time working for a company that doesn’t deliver what you want out of that investment will bring a lot of dissatisfaction. To help you avoid that situation, we’ve gathered together some of the entertainment industry’s companies with the highest employee satisfaction.

Popularity of Live Events on the Rise

If TV killed the radio star, the Internet killed the video star. And musicians, once again, have had to retool how they get their income. In the latest role reversal, those with music jobs have increasingly turned to the live concert industry and corporate sponsors to make up the income lost from digital distribution. In the last two years, live concert industry revenue has grown by 50%.

Featured Employer
Berri Goldfarb Public Relations
West Hollywood CA

Full-service public relations agency that specializes in media services, promotional campaigns, celebrity placements, and branding opportunities.

The E.W. Scripps Company
Cincinnati OH

Publisher of daily newspapers in several states. Also owns broadcast stations, Scripps Howard News Service, television networks, and United Media.