3 Changes to Your LinkedIn Profile That Will Help You Land a Job

Now that hiring managers are being proactive and looking through LinkedIn profiles when evaluating a job candidate, it is essential that your LinkedIn profile is in exceptional shape. According to Forbes, 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of the hiring process. Therefore, your LinkedIn profile needs to be complete, updated and robust. Each section of your profile is important and should be properly populated to stand out from the millions of other profiles.

Title. This part of your profile appears directly under your name. Construct a two sentence summary so your title makes sense - you can use keywords here to describe who you are and who you want to be. For example, Visionary production designer who has creatively enhanced over 10 feature films.

Summary. This section of LinkedIn is for a description of your experience, expertise and objectives. There are two sections - Professional Experience & Goals, and Specialties. In this portion, it's essential to use correct grammar. Try to keep paragraphs short and concise - don't write a novel. Use key words and phrases where beneficial.

Experience. LinkedIn allows you to create a list of your previous and current work. When filling this section out, use your official job title and include key phrases when you add a description of experiences, responsibilities and successes. Make sure this is to the point and easy to read.

Education. Take time to fill out this section because it can make your profile stand out while also helping you gain connections, putting you in contact with former classmates and fellow alumni.

Additional Information. This is a section where you can really make your profile stand out. You can add your portfolio link, websites, awards and so on. You can include up to 3 links plus a link to your Twitter profile.

However, a knock-out LinkedIn profile isn't just about populating all the sections and filling out all the criteria. Remember, along with your profile, recruiters may be looking at hundreds of others that are probably just as populated and organized as yours. How can you be the one that stands out? Here are a few tips to help turn your profile into an attention-getter.

Tip 1

Add Keywords

Relevant keywords are essential to making your LinkedIn profile searchable. One way you can maximize your keyword use is to add more detail to your job descriptions - "Production Assistant" can become "Production Assistant - Production manager for editing division." This description includes more keyword detail and a clearer explanation of the job.  Need some keyword ideas? Take note of LinkedIn users that hold your ideal job title, they might be displaying some commonly used competencies that can be used for your own profile.

Keywords should be added everywhere in your profile, but your headline and job titles carry the most weight in LinkedIn's indexing. Look at job postings that are similar or the same as your goal job position - pull out some of the skill set words and add them around your profile.

Tip 2

Stay Relevant

Share industry related content such as an article or an upcoming event. This is demonstrated industry knowledge and can keep you at the top of a recruiter's mind. Joining groups is also a way to get information about a certain industry and to stay relevant in the LinkedIn community. Have a desired company in mind or a position that you are tracking? You can use LinkedIn to follow companies and see which jobs are open, which ones are newly posted and if the company seems like one you'd be interested in working for.

Tip 3

Get Recommendations

After you have established a LinkedIn profile and have built up some LinkedIn connections in your network, ask for recommendations from people who are familiar with your professional skills. The right recommendations can help your profile stand out and might help you land more work. A good way to get one is to write a recommendation for someone else - during that process, the person you recommend will be asked to write one for you.

In order to get your LinkedIn profile working for you, you have to spend time keeping it updated. Keeping your profile relevant, convincing and to the point is essential when applying for jobs or when hoping to be recruited for one.

These tips apply to your 4EntertainmentJobs.com account profile as well. In fact, you can harmonize your LinkedIn profile with your 4EJ profile so that key hiring managers finding you on 4EJ can validate your background and experience on LinkedIn.

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