3 Pitfalls to Avoid While Unemployed

Being in between jobs can be extremely stressful and flat-out frustrating! One day you’re in a promising career interview and the next you’re back to searching entertainment job boards. While it’s normal to have ups and downs while unemployed, don’t do yourself a disservice by falling into these traps:

1. Jumping at the First Job That Comes Along

When you’re out of work and have no cash coming in to help pay that growing stack of bills on your kitchen table, it’s tempting to settle for any job that needs help now – even if the job isn’t what you really want to do or is just temporary in your mind. “Oh, it’s alright. Waiting tables is just a cash cushion. I’ll keep looking for film jobs and find that dream position eventually,” you tell yourself.

Frankly, that mentality is dangerous. Not only will you likely be unhappy doing that “temporary” job you’ve settled for, but since you also have cash coming in again, your motivation to hunt down the job you really want will drop.

While sometimes taking a short-term job may be the only way to avoid your water getting turned off this month, there are thousands of entertainment jobs out there looking to hire right now! It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

2. Working for Free

When your neighbor’s coworker’s sister hears you have skills with video production and have time on your hands, she calls you to see if you could edit a quick video for her parent’s big anniversary party this weekend. While it’s natural to want to help others with your talents – especially when unemployment means you have a bunch of free time to do it – be wary of doing favors for friends and family for free. Simply giving away your services not only puts you at a financial disadvantage (you’re investing time to do it with no monetary return) but it is also rarely as “simple and quick” as it first seemed.

Instead, use those so called “favors” as freelancing opportunities to make a few extra bucks. It’ll help your bank account and your resume. But if you’re going to settle for unpaid work in the entertainment industry, do it through a professional organization; with employers offering opportunities like music internships, there’s a higher probability for a full-time paid position as a result.

3. Letting Your Skills Get Rusty

With extra time on your hands, it is tempting to use your free time to catch up on the latest episode of The Voice rather than polishing your job skills and talents. When you’re unemployed, getting lackadaisical with your applicable job skills is a surefire way to stay unemployed.

Now is the perfect time to brush up on that photo editing program you haven’t used since your last job or get proficient in a new skill you keep seeing on job descriptions. You have 40 hours a week that your competitors with current full-time positions don’t – talk about using unemployment as a competitive advantage!

Just because you’re unemployed doesn’t mean you have to stay unemployed! 4EntertainmentJobs.com is your source for career advice, job tips and thousands of employment listings. From media jobs in Atlanta to film jobs in Hollywood and publishing jobs in New York, we can help you break out of the unemployment doldrums and land your dream job fast!

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