3 Underrated Cities for Entertainment Jobs

TV, movies and famous rags-to-riches biographies might lead you to believe that career opportunities in the entertainment industry are exclusive to New York or Los Angeles. Sure, these cities are large and house many large entertainment and creative corporations, but that doesn’t mean they’re the be-all and end-all locations for looking for entertainment jobs. Some of those well-known corporations located in New York or Los Angeles have other locations where the market is far less saturated, which actually increases the chances of ambitious entertainment job-hunters landing a gig. Here are just a couple cities that don’t get enough credit for their amazing entertainment job opportunities:


Atlanta, GA


Moving “back east” to work in the industry doesn’t have to mean NYC – try looking southeast.

There’s a reason why the entertainment industry in Georgia is attracting a large number of movie productions. According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, “You’ll find one of the most competitive tax incentive programs in the country, along with a broad network of production and recording facilities, a large and skilled workforce including actors, the latest production equipment and suppliers, gaming and interactive media developers, and technology and support services.” Since 2012, over 90 projects have filmed in Atlanta. Some of the more recent projects include, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, “The Internship”, and AMC’s hit TV show, “The Walking Dead.” Some major media companies that have locations in Atlanta include:


Turner Broadcasting

Time Warner

CNN New Group


Atlanta even has a non-profit dedicated to finding jobs in the entertainment industry. Get Connected Atlanta is a “monthly entertainment industry mixer that attracts special guests and offers powerful networking opportunities to make for a good time! Anyone interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry or who are established in their careers is invited to share their knowledge, experiences and contacts.” Its burgeoning film industry coupled with great career resources make Atlanta a location that any ambitious job-seeker should have at the top of their list.


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Seattle, WA

Besides the delicious coffee and the Space Needle, there are a number of great reasons for filming movies in Seattle. As stated on the Seattle.gov website, there is a 30% cash back incentive for filming in the city, a one-stop film office support for your location needs, $25/day film permit and parking passes for location scouting. Just a few of the entertainment companies that have a location in Seattle are:

Warner Bros. Entertainment Group

Amazon Game Studios

Disney ABC Television Group



According to the Seattle Pi, King County (the most populous county in Seattle), is also rated number 20 as a location for the most in-demand professions in the field of entertainers and performers. In addition, there is a large art community that is constantly growing and many jobs that come with it.


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San Francisco, CA


Los Angeles is pretty much known as the mecca for the entertainment industry across the world, let alone just in California. However, that doesn’t mean job-seekers should rule out one of the Golden State’s other great cities. San Francisco, along with being right on the ocean and within tasting-distance of wine country, has a surprising amount of entertainment companies located within its limits, including:


Warner Bros Entertainment Group

CBS Interactive


Pixar Animation Studios

Live Nation


If you’re dream job is in broadcast journalism or working with various media, San Francisco especially has a lot to offer. In addition to a lot of up and coming startups, many well-known media corporations call San Francisco home.

Could your entertainment career start in San Francisco? Look and see!

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