4 Tips for Overcoming Shyness During Your Entertainment Career Search


Can you remember the last time you stepped into a networking event full of strangers and felt that self-conscious and awkward feeling rush over you? Or that heart-thumping moment when you wanted to ask your interviewer a question, but were too shy to do so? Or wanting to approach someone for business, but were too hesitant to actually do it?

Regardless of whether you are introverted or extraverted, we can all relate to that feeling of shyness at some point in our lives. In fact, it’s perfectly natural to feel a little timid in unfamiliar situations. But when your hunt for entertainment jobs depends on overcoming your shyness for interviews, cold calls and networking events, you can’t let it be an impediment. So here are a few easy (and very doable) strategies for overcoming your shyness in common job-hunting situations:

Wear the Right Attire - Confidence comes from the inside. So wear clothes that you feel good in but are still appropriate for your interview or networking event’s dress code. If you have a sweater or tie that often receives compliments, wear that. It’ll help break the ice and give you a boost of confidence from others’ kind words.

Smile & Make Eye Contact – This one is perhaps the easiest to do. When you stand up straight and smile at people, they perceive you as being friendly, approachable, and confident (regardless of how you may be ­really feeling on the inside). It also makes it more likely they will smile back. When they do, you can say “Hi, how are you? I’m Jill…” and you’ll be amazed by how welcome your greeting is and how easily the conversation starts. This is especially welcomed when the person you’re meeting is just as shy as you are!

Be a Good Listener – As most shy people are actually very good listeners, they are actually better at networking than the motor mouths in the room. When someone responds to your “Hi, I’m Bill Smith. I’m pursuing advertising jobs in Los Angeles…” you will strike a chord if you are a good listener. Prepare some open-ended questions in advance and encourage the person to talk about themselves. They will remember you as an incredibly smart and interesting individual. Practice till you can reach out a hand, say your name and ask a question.

Set Small Goals – If it is a large networking event, don’t let yourself get intimidated by the number of people in the room. Instead, focus on quality vs. quantity. Set your goal on meeting just two quality contacts, rather than the 15 people who only came for the free food. Or, instead of trying to network with everyone in the room, make it a goal to collect a few business cards and then follow up with a personal hand-written note in the mail.

As you work to overcome your shyness, continue to conduct an aggressive job search that includes looking for opportunities, fine-tuning your resume and cover letters and attending networking events. There is an extensive list of entertainment jobs listed on 4EntertainmentJobs.com including entertainment careers in LA, New York and other major cities around the U.S. Now that you are armed with these simple strategies to help combat your shyness, check out the list and apply now!










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