5 Helpful Tips for a Post-Interview Thank You

Interviews for positions in the entertainment industry are no different than interviews for any other job – they’re a huge opportunity that any interviewee should be gracious for. The best way to show employers how thankful you are for the interview opportunity? Tell them, because a thoughtful thank you note has the power to do much more than show the interviewer you appreciate the opportunity. Here are a few tips for writing a proper thank you letter after interviewing for an entertainment industry job:

1. Keep it short

Chances are, your interviewer is extremely busy and may devote all of a couple seconds to scanning over your email or letter. Try to find the happy medium between a note that is short and to the point as well as thoughtful and detailed.

2. Make it stand out

Entertainment industry professionals meet and interview a lot of people. Think of your thank you note as a way to jog their memory about who you are. State something specific, memorable or funny about the interview - connecting your thank you note to the interview experience will make you stand out in an employer’s mind and help you make a more personal connection to them.

3. Restate your interest in the job

A thank you note itself will at least show an employer that you care enough about the job to take the time to send a letter – but you can take it a step further by using your writing to underline your interest in the position once more. Talk about how much you enjoyed the interview, revisit topics you discussed, note additional thoughts about what you learned, and restate why you’re so enthusiastic about working for their company. Also, if you forgot to mention anything or encountered a miscommunication during the interview, your thank you letter presents the perfect opportunity to cover your tracks.

4. Send a separate note to everyone you interviewed with

It’s possible, especially if you’re asked to come back for a second or third interview, that you may be interviewed by more than one person at a time. This presents a great opportunity to use your thank you notes as a way of making a personal, unique connection to each interviewer and thus stand out in the minds of more of the people who have the power to hire you.

5.  Double check for grammatical mistakes and errors.

Your thank you note might well create the lasting impression you leave on an employer. Make sure you don’t potentially skew their image of you with misspellings and poor grammar. Always double-check your letter for typos, formatting consistency and spelling – especially in the case of staff and company names!

Think of your thank you letter as much more than a couple short paragraphs fit in between a “Thank you so much…” and a “Sincerely.” It’s your last word as an interviewee and your leave-behind to the employer, a way to stand out to the hiring team as they go about making their decisions. Try out your thank you note-writing skills now by browsing our database to find the entertainment job you will be interviewing for

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