A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Post

The Internet has given creative job seekers an influx of choice when it comes to finding entertainment jobs. While job seekers ultimately win, all this opportunity creates a new sort of challenge. The glut of choices can force you to spend too much time analyzing before acting. So what should you do to make the most of your time and overcome choice paralysis? By writing down a clear set of career objectives and desired job attributes, you can simplify the job search and eliminate any job posting that won’t support your entertainment career goals.


You can simplify and clarify your quest for the right new position in a few easy steps.


1.Create Goals for the Job Search


One of the most important aspects of finding a job is setting goals for the job search. Of course, there’s the obvious objective of landing a job. But if that was the only goal, most people wouldn’t take so long searching for the perfect position in their entertainment career. Instead, you would just settle for the first job that came along. Job seekers must understand what they are looking for before they start digging through job postings. Think of where you would like to be in the future, and list out the various roles along that career path. By doing that, you’ll have a start to ensuring that today’s job is getting you to tomorrow’s dream career.


2.Make a List of Specific Criteria


Everybody looking for jobs has a certain set of qualifiers they consider to indicate whether an opening is the right fit. To be more efficient, you need to make a list of those qualifiers -- the “must-haves” of the perfect position. Don’t be afraid to be specific. If money is an objective, list the low-point you’ll take in salary negotiations. If you want particular benefits, list exactly what those benefits are. If you’re more concerned about landing a specific title or looking for something that will further your entertainment career, be sure to list it. During this step, you are essentially brainstorming, so don’t feel afraid to include as much as possible.


3.Organize the List into “Must-haves” and “Nice-to-Haves”


The next step is categorizing your qualifiers. Think through every qualifier you have written down, and ask yourself, “Will this aspect of a job make or break a job offer?” Find those things that you have to see in an offer and categorize them accordingly as “must-haves”. Put the rest of the qualifiers under a different list – a “nice-to-haves” list.


Eventually, you should have a list of important qualifiers and a list of preferences. If you have too many deal-breakers, you will have a harder time finding a job that fits. For example, if you’re looking for journalism jobs that pay over $100,000 and allow plenty of work-life balance, then you’ve basically created an impossible wish list. Make sure your work goals are attainable and not mutually exclusive.


Your “must-haves” will work as your official threshold. Any jobs that don’t have these particular qualifications will not even be considered. If you see an entertainment business job posting that doesn’t conform to your standards, don’t even consider sending a résumé. By creating this list, you’ve narrowed your options. But you’re not done. You’ve still got those preferences or “nice-to-have” qualifiers to consider.


4.Rank Your Preferences


You know your minimum requirements to accept a position, but sometimes the other attributes of total compensation get lost in the shuffle. To help you compare apples to apples, put your list of “nice to have” job criteria in written form and rank each item in order of importance. The process of doing that will help to reinforce your search parameters and steer you away from a job that ultimately won’t align well with your preferences.



5.Track Your Progress to See How Jobs Compare


With your list created, you now have an objective approach to your entertainment job search. Discernment sometimes escapes you when you’re tired or frustrated from long days combing through job listings, and in the end, you might end up with a position that you think is good enough but not what you actually wanted. But by creating clear goals and a system of analysis, you’ve reduced the possibility of settling for a so-so position and hopefully increased your chances of landing your dream entertainment job.


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