And The Oscar Goes To…

In the entertainment industry, there is certainly no shortage of award ceremonies. However, of the thousands out there, none seem to compare to the grandeur, glamour and reputation of the Academy Awards.

Whether you are someone who camps out on the living room floor all night to see if your winner predictions pan out, just watch it for the fashion, or could care less about the whole thing…if you’re serious about a job in the entertainment industry, there’s a few things you can learn from this awards show.

Always Dress for Success – When a celebrity steps out of the limo onto the red carpet, are they dressed in sweats and sneakers, or in an expensive couture gown? We’re not suggesting you need to show up to a networking event or job interview dressed like a movie star (unless that’s actually appropriate for the job you’re seeking), but you should present yourself to employers in a way that makes a good first impression. Neat and reserved clothing that fits correctly, a smile, and a clean appearance go a long way in helping you land the job you want.

It’s About Your Skills – Just as Tom Hanks landed his entertainment roles for his acting abilities, you too will land your job in the entertainment industry because an employer recognizes your unique skills and capabilities. Thus, make sure your resume showcases what you’ve done and makes your unique skill set stand out, and that your in-person pitch conveys the value you bring to the table. We can’t guarantee it’ll win you an Oscar, but when done correctly, it will get you your dream job.

The Employer Made the Dream Possible – Listen to just a couple of acceptance speeches during the show, and you’ll hear sentiments of gratitude to the film production company or boss that “made this award possible.” ABC will host this year’s 84thAnnual Academy Awards this Sunday, February 26th. And while it’s unlikely that you’d have to give an acceptance speech to land a job at ABC, you too could be working for this entertainment giant. ABC is hiring a Publicity Coordinator in their news media relations department. Check out the online media job listing, and the thousands of other entertainment companies looking to hire talented people just like you on

 Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday…you could learn a thing or two for your job search from the Academy Awards!

To Your Success!

Jason Armetta, CEO & Founder

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