Business Cards: What They Should Say, What They’re For

During a job search, networking with people in your entertainment career field is a great way to make connections with potential employers, but it’s not very practical to hand out your resume to every person you meet. That’s when handing them a business card can come in handy.

The vast majority of people in the professional entertainment world have a business card. So if you want to play in their world, you have to use their tools. It may feel strange if you are unemployed, but having a business card with your contact information shows initiative and a sense of professionalism to potential employers and helps you establish a personal brand.

Here’s what you should include on your personal card:

·         Contact information should be the main focus of your business card and should include your name, phone number and email address.

·         If you’re currently in-between jobs you can include the field you’ve worked in, such as “Operations Management Professional,” or if you’re a student you can include “NYU class of 2013.”

·         If you have a URL that potential employers might be interested in (such as a professional blog, or a personal website) you can include it. You might consider using a QR code to show you’re a tech-savvy individual.

·         If you desire, you can include a well-shot photo of yourself or a personal logo. But be sure it is appropriate and professional looking.

·         Don’t use over-the-top colors, fonts and sizes. A basic and clean card with black text on white card stock can make just as good of an impression as a flashy card.

·         Presentable business cards don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Sites like Vistaprint and offer quality business cards for a great price.

When exchanging business cards, you should be confident, but know the appropriate setting and time to conduct business. If you are engaged in a conversation and the person seems interested, you can hand out your card near the end of the discussion and see if the person reciprocates, or wait until asked for a card. It’s also good to do a card exchange after meeting someone for the first time so you can follow up afterwards.

Although a card is a great way for people to remember your initial meeting, you can’t rely on it to do all the work. Your card is simply your contact information. It is the memorable first impression you left in-person that will entice your desired contact to actually get in touch with you.

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