Don’t Believe the Talk That No One is Hiring

The numbers are out and we wish they looked better…it appears U.S. hiring slowed in March. According to the Department of Labor, employers only added 120,000 jobs last month –half the December-February pace and well short of the 210,000 economists were expecting. With news like this, it is easy for many to shrug off their job search or blame their lack of success in landing a job on “no one’s hiring!”

But is this really the case?

It’s a false assumption to say that “no one’s hiring” – regardless of how bad the economy and job market may seem. Even in times like these, people are hiring. Don’t believe it? Well, then how do you explain the 5,000+ entertainment jobs listed on Wherever anyone is conducting business, there are jobs and potential job openings. Companies are always looking for productive, solution-oriented people that can help their companies grow.

The fact is that every company is hiring all the time. Approach your career search from this angle: you can offer precisely what they need, when they need it. Remember that you are a potential asset to any employer, particularly in the entertainment industry. They need you as much as you need them. If you can demonstrate to the employer how you would address their issues successfully – and in the process make their company more productive, efficient or profitable – you’ll be able to land a good job in ANY economy.

So don’t believe the hype. If “no one is hiring”, particularly in the entertainment industry, then there wouldn’t be any job listings posted on entertainment job boards. But with thousands of open positions looking to hire talented individuals like yourself listed on, I think you can see companies are hiring…big time! So don’t get discouraged by what you hear in the news, and don’t throw in the towel…because the reality is, your dream entertainment job is awaiting your application today!


To your success,

Jason Armetta
President, Founder

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