Don’t Guess What Employers Want in a Candidate…They’ll Tell You

As a reader of articles and content on 4Entertainment, you’ve seen lots of great career search advice, tips, and tricks for landing that elusive entertainment industry job. But how can you tell exactly what a particular employer is looking for?  They’re all different in some way…right?  Don’t fret.  You don’t have to speculate or guess on most cases.  With a little research, you can find out exactly what they want in a candidate.

Take, for example, NBCUniversal.  They post their expectations right on their own blog website for any resourceful candidate to see and embrace. To stand out from the crowd, they recommend you should:

1.Understand Your Skill Set

2.Show Your Passion

3.Keep it Concise

4.Be Prepared

5.Ask Questions

Now, this isn’t groundbreaking advice.  You’ve read these same tips here on  But armed with information about what a specific employer focuses on, you can tune your resume and polish up your interviewing style to hit a home run with every interaction. You can confidently walk into an interview poised to “wow” the potential employer with how well you fit with the organization – after all, you’ve impressing them throughout all the key elements of their recruiting process.

But what about employers that don’t post such specific requirements online?

You are in luck.  As a member of, you’re already exceeding most employer expectations. There are good reasons top entertainment industry employers use to find new talent for their organizations:

1.Your resume and information is clearly organized using the job seeker tools in your account.

2.We “train” job seekers to be great interviewers and employees through articles just like this one.

3.Employers trust the quality of the talent they find at

So take full advantage of your membership with to get in front of the right decisions makers for your dream job.  Add in a little of your own background research, and you’ll stand above the rest when it comes time to show employer that you are the candidate they want.

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