Entry-Level Entertainment Jobs with Real Growth Potential

Trying to get a job in the entertainment industry is hard - but once you've gotten a job, growing in your position might be even harder. But there's still hope! A lot of basic entry-level positions can blossom into long-lasting, high-paying careers. Want to know where the journey to your dream entertainment career might start? Check out these three entertainment jobs that can have real growth potential in the industry:

Production Assistant - This job is the starting point of many young journalists who don't want to be in front of the camera. Although this is an entry-level job, the position may come with a few expectations from employers.

Video editing is a common skill a lot of production assistants start with. Video editing is the process of manipulating audio and video to have a good flow and look good on screen and requires a proficiency in digital manipulation software like Adobe Premier Elements or Final Cut Pro. In addition, employers will also take note if you have experience in video production, such as operating a camera.

Nonetheless, the reason a production assistant is such a great starting job is because there are so many things you can learn in the position - you get to help in many aspects of entertainment and can get good sense of what you like to do and where you want to grow.

Did you know? – Columbia Pictures president of production, Gary Levine, started as an intern at New Line Cinema in 1985.

Sound Recorder and Engineer

Take your love of music and learn the technical side of music creation. Ignore the big labels and consider interning with a small shop that can provide you with invaluable technical experience. The salary for a sound or recording artist starts pretty low, but you can work your way up to almost six figures.

Executive Assistant

If you're a can-do person who's great at multi-tasking, following directions and getting along with people, starting as an executive assistant for an established industry professional might be just the foot in the door you need. Though the work may not be glamorous - be ready to answer phones, run errands and keep schedules - the personal connections and first-hand industry knowledge you gain will be invaluable as you look to climb in the business.

Did you know? – Colin Davis turned his 3-month apprenticeship at Fox into a permanent position under network chairman, Kevin Reilly.

No matter what entertainment position you start at, every entry-level job is bound to teach you a lot about the industry you wish to excel in and even more about yourself. Those willing to adapt, listen and improve will be able to grow and succeed, no matter what the ultimate career goal is.

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