Film & TV Production Jobs on the Rise in NY

Move over, Los Angeles – New York is taking the film and television production industry by storm! Thanks in part to a tax credit for film production companies, the state of New York has seen an entertainment industry employment growth of 25% over the last three years, according to the MPAA. It’s definitely good news for people who are looking to break into the industry: despite reports of a floundering job outlook nationwide, the number of production jobs in film and TV is actually on the rise.

The New York State Film Production Tax Credit, introduced in 2004, now covers 30% of qualified below-the-line expenditures for productions that shoot in the Empire State. The initiative seems to be working – in 2004, there were 18 productions in New York statewide; in 2011, there were 135 productions in the state, with the largest growth in feature film production.

The MPAA reports that the tax credit supported 12,600 jobs directly associated with productions and 16,300 supported in related businesses. With all these new film production jobs being created; there’s never been a more promising time to try to break into the industry. And although California is still the leader in sheer volume of films produced per year, New York is quickly gaining ground in the increase of productions in the state. Whether you’re looking for film marketing jobs in NYC, entertainment industry jobs in NYC or celebrity assistant jobs, timing is on your side to start your career.

Now that the state government has taken note of the economic benefits of a thriving entertainment industry, film and television companies are expected to amp up production – which means people like you have an opportunity to get their foot in the door.

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