Four Tips for Creating Your Online Identity

In this Internet age, it is smart to have an online presence. However, you want your online identity to showcase you as a professional (and those pictures your friend posted on Facebook of your Vegas trip aren’t exactly sending that message). Fortunately, there are easy and safe ways to establish and manage an online identity that any employer would be happy to see.

Create a Profile on 4EntertainmentJobs – One of the best places to create an online presence is by using online job boards specific to your entertainment career. These sites are focused on only offering job content from employers that are relevant to you, so you can save time in your career search. Furthermore, since it is a hotbed of employers in your specific career field, it is a good networking spot as well. Entertainment job sites like allow you to post your resume for employers to find, search and create a list of positions and internships you want to apply for, get career advice and more.

Google Yourself – Google yourself and see what comes up. Hopefully it’s good stuff. If not, edit the bad stuff from your personal website or social media profile page that you don’t want an employer to see. However, if you are one of the many that finds nothing comes up…keep reading!

Create a LinkedIn Profile –LinkedIn is a professional networking site with millions of users. You can create a free professional profile where you control the content. Then your name and profile are indexed on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. So when someone Googles your name, this profile showcasing your skills and experience will show up in the search results. Furthermore, because it is a professional networking site, you don’t have to worry about your boss thinking you’re looking for another job if and when it’s found. Include a link to your profile in your resume and other web properties, like, so employers can see additional info on your skill sets.

Start a Blog – Think about creating your own blog. Your resume is the document that states what you claim to know. A blog is an in-depth forum showcasing and proving it! It sounds intimidating because many think it requires extensive technical expertise or a commitment to typing away all day, every day – but neither are true! Blogging is a fresh way to get noticed and put your industry knowledge and expertise to good use. Again, don’t forget to include links in your profile and resumes so employers can easily click through and see your blog come to life.

So, if you haven’t done so already, go ahead and start expanding your online presence by joining Search our database of thousands of entertainment jobs and employers seeking talented people just like you. Land your dream career today!

To Your Success!

Jason Armetta, CEO & Founder


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