Freelancing As a Way of Life

With the Internet changing the employment landscape almost daily, standard brick-and-mortar offices with 9-to-5 schedules are slipping from the norm. Now, employers can outsource projects, communicate via Skype and e-mail, allow flexible scheduling and interact with employees around the country without missing a beat – for instance, media jobs in Atlanta could be filled by employers in Portland.

Some workers prefer the structure of a set schedule and a collaborative group environment. But an increasing amount of workers are finding they work faster, more efficiently and are happier when they set their own schedule and work primarily alone. Freelancing is quickly becoming a standard in several creative industries, including web design, film production, writing and more. For many media jobs in Chicago, New York and other big cities are increasingly looking to freelancers to fill needs left open by their full-time staff.

If you find yourself wishing you had more flexible schedule and the ability to work on multiple projects with different employers or clients, freelancing may be the way to go- but there are a few key things to keep in mind as you move in that direction.

Stay Organized

One of the biggest challenges freelancers face is staying organized and on task. When you're not in an office it can be hard to stay on track with projects and deadlines. Set goals (little and big) for yourself so you can ensure you are working toward completion and not getting sidetracked or bogged down by the outside distractions. Set up a workspace that inspires productivity and creativity, and block Facebook and turn off your cell phone if need be.

Communication is Key

Without the luxury of having your employer around to constantly talk to and get feedback from, it can be challenging to make sure both of you are aware of what needs to be done and what is being done. It is vital that you are in communication with your employer about your staus, progress and goals. This keeps you accountable and also shows your employer you're reliable, productive and able to work independently.

Be Honest

Tracking time and work done on each project is necessary for covering your back as well as keeping you honest. Don't say you spent three hours on a web project that only took half an hour; but on the other hand, don't downplay a problem that took longer to troubleshoot than you were budgeted- as long as you are working intelligently and efficiently, your time is a s valuable as your employer's money.

Finding gigs isn’t always easy, but remember there are tons of open job postings for freelancers across many outlets in the entertainment industry at If you’re looking for publishing jobs, Boston and Denver have a great market for them – and jobs like Freelance Videographers and Freelance Graphic Artist are hot right now!

To Your Success,

Jason Armetta
President, Founder 

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