Getting Your Foot in the Door: Why the Big Cities Can Wait

Nearly anyone who has dreamed of working in the entertainment industry sees that dream lit by Times Square and dotted with the stars on Hollywood Boulevard. New York and Los Angeles are the hubs of the entertainment world in many ways, but they are only a part of the broader entertainment job network nationwide.

For many people in their 20s, the first years after graduation are used to build experience in their chosen field. Jetting off to New York City with the ink on your diploma barely dried may be just what you need on a personal level; professionally, however, you may have even better options for your first job in the entertainment industry.

Setting your sights on major cities could leave other, potentially better, options in your blind spot. Here are a few reasons heading to a mid-size city might be your best bet:


  • Smaller companies often offer more responsibility. An entry-level position at a major company is not only hard to come by, it’s also often hard to move up from. Smaller companies tend to offer more responsibility and a quicker move up the ladder for driven employees. After a few years of hard work at a smaller company, you may have the opportunity to put a mid- or senior-level position on your resume to catch the eye of your dream company.
  • You’ll face less competition. You’re not the only entertainment industry hopeful to dream of living in Los Angeles or New York. Aspiring filmmakers, music producers, journalists, animators and writers flock to these cities in pursuit of their dreams. Unfortunately, there are usually more candidates than jobs to go around. Starting you career elsewhere could mean less competition and more opportunities to do what you really want.
  • Enjoy a lower cost of living. One of the problems that many recent graduates face when moving to a big city is the exorbitant cost of living. Not all entry-level position salaries account for these variables; a livable wage in Austin may barely cover housing in Los Angeles. Instead of pulling three part-time jobs just to make ends meet, you can focus your attention on the job you do have by learning everything you can and making the most of your time there.
  • Big names are also based in other cities. Not every company that has a pull in the entertainment world is headquartered in LA or NYC. Most big companies have satellite offices across the globe, and many are even based outside of the big city hubs. For example, CNN’s home base is Atlanta, and production company Blue Sky is headquartered in Greenwich, Conn.


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