How Hollywood’s Profit Gains Provide New Opportunities for Job Seekers

Despite dealing with an economy still struggling to get on its feet, media companies are posting higher than expected profits thanks to a variety of factors.


Whatever doubts Walt Disney Co. had going into their last fiscal quarter, they may be encouraged to shed them. Bolstered by the unprecedented success of the animated film “Frozen,” Disney stacked up nearly $2 billion in revenue over the three-month period ending March 29.


On the other end of the entertainment spectrum, 21st Century Fox also posted higher than forecasted revenues with approximately $1 billion; however, their cash cow this quarter was ad spending during the Super Bowl in February.


It’s promising to see that both feature films and major sporting events are still able to rally supporters and pull in revenue -- despite the occasionally gloomy economic forecasts.


Since its release on Nov. 22, “Frozen” has become the highest-grossing animated film of all time. That’s good news for Disney, but it’s even better news for entertainment industry hopefuls nationwide. As profits among movie studios continue to soar, new faces are making their mark in previously uncharted waters: high-level positions in Hollywood. “Frozen”, for example, is the first Disney movie to have a female director; screenwriter Jennifer Lee shares directing credit on the film with animator Chris Buck.


Diversity doesn’t stop at gender, though.


While Disney’s movie studio saw quadrupled profits over the quarter compared to the year prior, the company’s other units (media networks, parks and resorts, consumer products and interactive) also experienced significantly higher profits. This shows that while motion pictures may be the most obvious source of new revenue, they’re far from the only profitable channels in entertainment right now.


"The strength across the business is really solid," said Edward Jones Research analyst Robin Diedrich in an L.A. Times article. "The standout at the studio, 'Frozen,' is definitely exciting, but from a long-term perspective we think it is good to see that all segments of the business are growing."

As other aspects of entertainment continue to grow, particularly in the online and streaming space, the industry is proving that all media can expand cohesively rather than one medium cannibalizing another for success.


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