How to SHOW Your Expertise to Potential Employers

Actions always speak louder than words. Employers receive plenty of words and few actions when they post a job. If you want to stand out, you’ll have to be one of the few showing your expertise instead of just telling it.

That’s easier said than done, especially for someone in a career field that doesn’t lend itself to one-off projects or a visual portfolio. No matter the career, however, there is a way, and being able to find that way when everyone else relies purely on a resume and cover letter may be the one thing that gets you noticed over others seeking jobs in the entertainment industry.

Show What Your Employer Wants to See

Most entertainment job posts tend to avoid the reasons behind an open position, but a little digging can sometimes reveal that data, which you can use to craft a project that your employer actually wants to see. The first step in showing your expertise is conducting some research and reading between the lines.

  • Look at your potential employer’s other job postings: You can learn a lot from a company from the quantity and quality of the job postings that a company has released. For example, if there’s a lot of content-related jobs recently posted – bloggers, videographers, project managers, etc. – it could mean that the company may be expanding its content marketing initiatives. You can take advantage of such knowledge by sending more than just a writing sample, such as content marketing plans or market research on competitors.


  • Check up on the industry: Most companies will have more than a few competitors. Delving into those competitors and understanding what they’re doing to deal with industry trends will help you fine-tune what you may be sending forward.


  • Show. Don’t tell: With that research behind you, you should be able to send an artistic project that a company can directly use, which shows a company your ability and drive. Although it can be troublesome to send work to a client for free, realize that the time spent can be considered an investment into a better return – a fulltime entertainment job.

Master Your Portfolio

Online portfolios and personal websites are great vehicles for showing rather than telling. The challenge, however, is creating a personal website that does more than just become another folder to store your clips.

  • Be creative – Another case of “easier said than done”, crafting a personal brand, a well-designed website and graphics that engage your visitors is one of the more difficult aspects of creating a personal website or online portfolio. A great approach is to find some websites you may want to emulate, pull some of the best ideas from each and craft a website that’s uniquely yours. As for filling your portfolio, anyone who doesn’t have a visual aspect of their craft may want to consider creating documents that show the thought processes behind your work to illustrate how you think.


  • Use competitions to show your ability – While the majority of the time spent unemployed should be actively putting together resources and talking to potential employers, you shouldn’t forget developing the craft you wish to practice professionally. A great way to do so is by paying attention to industry competitions. Plenty of organizations hold annual competitions as a way to garner attention, and those looking for entertainment jobs can utilize them to create new clips and potentially win a few resume boosting awards.


  • Ensure clips are always ready to share – A website may be a great repository for your work, but not every employer wants to dig around your website to find a clip. When you apply to entertainment jobs, or when someone asks for an example of your work, always have those documents ready in a format that can easily be sent through email. Realize that every person is a little bit different. If you have contingencies ready to serve whatever work style, you’ll be ready when an opportunity does present itself.

Sending forward work that fulfills a company’s needs and using a portfolio are just two ways that a job-seeker can show their abilities to a potential employer. While these techniques are a good start, don’t forget to look for new methods you can use to stand out from the pack. To keep your job search moving forward, check out today for the latest openings.

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