How to turn an entertainment internship into an entertainment job? (

How to turn an entertainment internship into an entertainment job?

With finals fast approaching and the school year coming to a close, it’s time to start figuring out how to maximize your opportunity as an intern so that you could potentially turn it into a full time job. The competition in the entertainment industry is fierce so getting one step ahead could mean everything in your search to land your dream job.

Here is a list of things to consider in hopes of that company wanting more:

  1. Put forth your best effort. The first impression could be just as important as the interview. Remember this could be your future home for employment or at least a great letter of recommendation for you to include with your resume. You need to demonstrate that you are not only capable of doing what is required for this internship but that your skill set affords you the ability to do much more. Don’t just meet expectations, exceed them. Use this internship to build upon the knowledge and skills you have today. Every career is marked by progressions along the way. This is your first step to showing a company how you possess the ability to make valuable contributions in the future.
  2. Ask Questions and Learn. A stupid question is one that goes unanswered. This is your chance to learn the ins-and-out of the entertainment industry. You will have access to great leaders in the company and in the industry. Gain as much knowledge as you can. Pay attention to everything that is going on around you and figure out creative ways to contribute. Don’t have the mind-set that this internship is only for including on your resume. Take advantage of everything the company has to offer. People are the most valuable assets of any company so don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  3. Socialize and Network. You can learn as much by socializing and networking than you can by actually doing the internship. Find out what it is really like to be part of the company. These people could potentially vouch for you when it comes time to interviewing. This is not the time to show off the drinking skills you learned in college. You want to be remembered for the right reasons. The most important relationship is your professional relationship and you should act accordingly.
  4. Be Positive. Your positive attitude is the strongest asset you can display to potential employers. Be aware of the energy you project when you enter a room. Even though it can be easy to slip into the doldrums of “just being an intern,” it is critical that you maintain a positive attitude.
  5. Stay In Touch. The relationships you form could potentially be the most valuable asset you take from this internship. Are you on Facebook? Linkedin? Twitter? This is one of the first places potential hiring managers start to screen potential employees. Although a level of caution should be exercised, use social media to stay in contact. The connections you form during your internship could provide you useful information about what is going on at the company while you are finishing up your college education.


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