How Yahoo’s Tumblr Acquisition is Paving the Way for Millennial Hires

Silicon Valley is dotted with digital startups and crossed by tech behemoths. Although Google and Facebook reign over the kingdom of “cool,” the landscape is never too full for an upcoming prince (or princess) to make a mark.

Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Tumblr left the blogging site’s 20-something and self-proclaimed “hip” audience in an uproar, accusing founder David Karp of “selling out.” Industry analysts seem baffled by the $1.1 billion deal, doubting whether the acquisition will pay off as CEO Marissa Mayer expects – whatever her mysterious plan to monetize it might be.

From a PR perspective, the acquisition makes sense; building on strategic buyouts of other startups – most notably the reported $30 million acquisition of Summly – Yahoo is carefully attempting to rebrand itself. Yahoo has long been viewed as an industry dinosaur, dated and unattractive compared to the endlessly cool vibe of other key tech players. By broadening its base through smart mergers, Yahoo is not only casting a wider net for users – they’re strategically poised to garner a second look from the brightest up-and-coming job seekers.

From 26-year-old Karp to Summly creator Nick D’Aloisio (who is only seventeen), the new wave of Yahoo entanglements are paving the way for millennial hires. For a generation raised on technology, a job in a computer-related field will be more attainable than ever – employable candidates don’t even necessarily have to be IT whiz kids, as jobs in blogging, digital publishing and new media are opening up. From broadcasting jobs to publishing jobs Philadelphia and beyond, many companies – not just Yahoo – are recognizing the value in hiring a savvy young employee base.

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