How Your Latest Facebook Post is Killing Your Job Chances

So you’re all ready for your job search. You’ve got a stellar resume, have been networking online and offline, doing informational interviews, and have your 30-second pitch down pat. You feel like you are destined to conquer the job hunting world. Then…you go for an interview that doesn’t go so well. Understandably, you’re upset and need a place to vent. So you come home and post on Twitter, Facebook or your blog about how stupid you think the hiring manager is for not seeing your full potential. You THINK you are just sharing with your friends, assuming the company won’t find out what you’re saying, but what you’re really doing is ending any chance you had of getting that job.

The hiring experts will tell you that in today’s job market, it’s not just your resume and interview that determine if you get a job – it’s your online presence as well. With piles of resumes to sift through, employers are increasingly starting to screen candidates by their online social networking profiles to learn more about them. Some use Google, some go straight to social networks and search your name.

This 2 minute video is chalk-full of statistics on how employers are using social media networks to screen prospective employees, what types of posts kill your chances to get a job, as well as the things you SHOULD be posting on your social media profiles to get hired. It’s information that you need to know!

Social Media in Recruitment Infographic

Social Media in Recruitment by Ciphr


If you understand the tools employers use to screen potential employees, you will know how to better optimize your resume and online presence to get through their system. Remember that any “breadcrumbs” you leave online – your status on any social network, what you post on your Wall (or someone else’s), comments you leave on blogs, etc. - can all be audited and have an impact on your job search.

So clean up your social media profiles, then apply for your dream entertainment job at

To Your Success,

Jason Armetta
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