Internships: Are They Worth It?

No doubt that at this very moment there are thousands of students off playing on a beach somewhere, hiking in the mountains, or just lounging around at home enjoying their Spring Break. As students get refreshed during their Spring Break and return to finish out the school year, many have summer entertainment internships on their mind.

Internships are great for many reasons:

1. Internships let you “try on” your intended career field and see how it fits. Many students come back from an internship finding their exposure to their real on-the-job experience really excited them and they can’t wait to graduate to do it full-time. On the flip side, after doing the job they thought they’d be doing post graduation, many students find out that it wasn’t what they expected and end up changing their major before it’s too late.

2. Internships give you experience & new skills. Getting work experience while you’re still in school is not only valuable for getting you ready for a career, but it also gives you training on some of the practical skills you won’t learn in a classroom. Because internships are great for learning and training in trade-specific skills, they are an invaluable tool for setting yourself apart from the competition after graduation.

3. Internships can lead to a full time position. Many companies prefer to hire from within, so internships are a great way to network and prove yourself as a valuable employee…especially when they have a job opening around the same time you’ll be graduating. Internships give you a chance to show your awesomeness to your boss and exhibit your smarts, creativity, and outstanding work ethic.  Plus, the company has already invested time and training in you. So when you apply for that upcoming full time position at the company, along with 50 others, you have the advantage of your boss already knowing your capabilities and what a great fit you are with the company culture.

Unsure where to get started? There are thousands of employers in the entertainment industry seeking interns – from TV & video production to magazine publishing to marketing and publicity.  Employers are looking to fill internships across the board, and many of them post open internships on industry-specific job boards. In fact, we have over 350 listed on! So while you’ve got a little extra free time on your spring break, log on and start your search today.

To your success,

Jason Armetta
President, Founder

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