Is Web Entertainment On Par with Television?

It’s a new age of entertainment. TV’s tried and true model is facing an identity crisis with the extreme popularity of new shows that are only available on the web.

While television shows were once considered the standard of entertainment, new media is making way for exciting alternatives in the industry.

Arguably leading the charge in this new online space, entertainment giant Netflix has created multiple television series, all available only through their service. The wildly popular “Orange is the New Black” created fans immediately following its release, with thousands waiting eagerly for the release of the second season. Further blurring the lines between traditional and new media while validating the quality of online content, the Netflix original “House of Cards” was even nominated for an Emmy.

The appeal of online content comes partly from its convenience. In the spirit of DVR but even more readily accessible, online-only shows are at the viewer’s fingertips the second they’re ready to watch. Additionally, much of today’s online content isn’t bound by time constraints or the whims of advertisers, further diversifying the type and content of today’s entertainment.

Jeff Greenstein, producer and director of the web-only series “Husbands,” suggests that people enjoy the almost underground nature of online content.

“People like to find things they can see as their own,” he said in an article in NY Daily News. “Not something fed to them by a giant corporation. It’s like being in a secret club. It’s yours.”

“Husbands” averages about 300,000 viewers; compared to the average 600,000 viewers of HBO’s “Girls,” there’s an impressive following for a medium that is still essentially in its early stages.

As time goes on, web-only content promises to only get stronger and develop even bigger followings as producers find new ways to innovate in a digital entertainment world.

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