It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a Super Entertainment Jobs Seeker!

With its opening weekend nabbing a reported $125.1 million, the new “Man of Steel” movie is a box office smash, but this film has more than just entertainment value for moviegoers. Entertainment job seekers could learn a thing or two from everyone’s favorite hero! While you may not be able to fly or have X-ray vision – or look as good as he does in a cape and spandex – there are a few things Superman can teach you about landing a job in the entertainment industry:

1.Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound – You might not be faster than a speeding bullet or see through walls like Superman, but you do have your own unique skill set that makes you an asset for employers in the entertainment industry. Be sure to make your unique skills known on your resume and through the examples and stories you tell during interviews and networking conversations.

2.Be a Man (or Woman) of Steel – The entertainment industry is not for the timid. It is known for being very competitive, demanding and not always the gentlest on feelings. One way to combat that and “make it” in this business is by developing a thicker skin. Hey, you may not be able to literally stop a bullet with your chest like Superman, but at least you’ll be able to handle rejection and criticism like a seasoned pro!

3.Know Your Kryptonite – Every professional has a weakness. It just so happens that kryptonite is Superman’s. Regardless of whether your weakness is a lack of organization, weak math skills or perfectionism (yes, that can be considered a weakness), be aware of what your weaknesses are and know how to talk about them appropriately. Chances are your interviewer will ask you about them -- prepare a good response ahead of time so you can frame your weaknesses in a positive way.

4.Take Action & Help Others – Just like Superman was always there to save the day, the best thing you can do in this industry is work hard and help make your team shine. Even if you’re working up from the bottom of the corporate ladder, exhibiting a positive “can-do” attitude and going above and beyond every once in a while will make you seem like a superhero to your employer and do wonders for your career.

5.Get the Perfect Day Job – When Superman was not saving the world, he was Clark Kent: journalist at The Daily Planet (see, even Superman worked in the entertainment biz!). While we’re not encouraging you to wear spandex under your work clothes or adopt a secret identity, we are encouraging you to set your sights on the perfect job and go for it! We bet you’ll find what you’re looking for on, so get started today!

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