LA Film Fest Celebrates 21st Birthday with Diversity, Innovation and Opportunities

The world’s most organic celebration of moviemaking is less than a month away. On the same streets where Harrison Ford chased Replicants in Blade Runner and Jules and Vincent bantered back and forth in Pulp Fiction, the 21st annual Los Angeles Film Festival, from June 10-18, will showcase some of the year’s most unique films with an energy and inspiration that could only originate from the world’s quintessential movie mecca.

As timeless an aura as the City of Angels casts on the LA Film Fest, the event’s programming and operations are very much about new beginnings for the festival and, on a larger scale, the film industry.

Festival director Stephanie Allain told The Hollywood Reporter, "This is a big year, our 21st, so I like to think of it as our coming of age. We have a new team and have revamped the entire programming staff and process with one thing in mind — to embody the mission of Film Independent to celebrate artists who are diverse, innovative and have unique points of view.”

True to Allain’s words, the festival is featuring its most diverse lineup yet. Half of the 74 features playing at this year’s LA Film Fest are directed by women and people of color.

The festival’s newfound diversity doesn’t stop with the filmmakers involved either. New film sections will debut during the 2015 program, including the LA Muse section, which features films that capture the spirit of Los Angeles, and a Zeitgeist sidebar that explores trends in today’s indie movie-making. New faces will also be part of the festivities, as a number of first-time directors will be premiering their work throughout the event.

This is all heart-warming news, but what does the LA Film Fest’s new rejuvenated program have to do with those of us who are on the outside looking in? Well, the event isn’t just reserving new opportunities for first-time filmmakers and world-premiering movies. The festival also has a great volunteering program, allowing ambitious young film lovers to help out with everything from setting up panel discussions to exclusive event photography. That’s not all – you can also intern with an event department to get specific career-related experience. To check out how your aspirations fit into an LA Film Fest internship experience, learn more about its hands-on entertainment industry opportunities.

No matter if you’re the next Quentin Tarantino, a future production assistant or an aspiring screenwriter, the 2015 LA Film Fest lives up to its diverse, innovative and inclusive philosophy by having something for everyone – even die-hard movie fans. Get your passes and tickets now before the credits start! 

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