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Any of you who have been looking for a job in entertainment know it is no easy task. There has been a lot of bleak information coming out in the media. Two alarming stats I have recently read is the average length of unemployment is 22 weeks and if you lose your job today, there’s a 70% chance you won’t find a job next month.*
So, how do you land your dream job in entertainment in times of uncertainty?
First, you need to be extremely driven and willing to compete with others looking to make it in the same field as you. The entertainment industry has always been an extremely competitive industry but those who excel in the industry commonly are those who are the most driven. The road to success will have many highs and lows. The key is to never get too high on success and never to get too low on failure. Jobs in the entertainment industry tend to be short term and there is always someone looking to move up the ladder. Experience is key so don’t be afraid to challenge yourself in learning new skill sets.
Networking in the entertainment industry has also become extremely important. The job seeker who gets in front of the entertainment employer first has greater chances of landing that job. In fact, companies looking to scale back on expenses are using personal referrals more and more to get candidates in front of the interviewer. Don’t be afraid to gain exposure through an internship but continue to network while doing so. An entertainment internship will provide you a good start and will give you additional experience to include on your resume.
Finally, don’t buy into everything you read and hear. Just because the media reports that the job outlook looks terrible doesn’t mean it has to be terrible for you. I am a firm believer that the harder you work, the luckier you become. If you are active in your job search, committed to putting all means available in that search, and doing all of the things mentioned above, you will be on track to landing that dream job you have worked so hard to obtain.
To your success,
Jason Armetta
President, Founder
* From Kori Ellis, February 18th, 2011- “19 scary facts about getting a job.”
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