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https://image-store.slidesharecdn.com/91dbeaa1-dd3a-461f-8d9a-a99cb8e765f5-medium.pngYour personal brand has become one of the more important aspects of a job search in the digital age. When employers are interested in you, they look to vet your capabilities and confirm their impressions of you by perusing your social media profiles and your brand identity. For this reason, personal branding is paramount in determining your employer’s first impression of you in the entertainment industry.

So how can you determine how your personal brand is perceived?  Take a few hints from the masters of personal branding – celebrities. Those in the spotlight have worked out a personal brand through their roles, their social media presence and the media’s perception. By considering how celebrities build their image, you’ll know what tactics you might be able to utilize to sell your unique persona through social media.

Tom Hanks      

http://2.media.todaysbigthing.cvcdn.com/22/50/cc9e489ea6da7e223a87e7f1c1e56162-nerdist-podcast-bribes-tom-hanks-with-vintage-typewriter-bribe-works.jpgAn image of a note written by Tom Hanks spread through social media channels in 2012.

This note does two things.

1. It lets us know that Hanks is just a “normal Joe”. He’s down-to-earth. He’s relatable, and we want to like him.

2. It lets us know that Hanks is a nice guy. He didn’t have to respond at all. But he did respond readily in a great way.

This note reinforces a part of Hanks’s persona that most people want to really believe in – that Hanks is a genuinely nice individual. His actions reflect his persona.

As for your personal brand identity, you’ll want the things you do online to reflect who you actually are and how you normally act. If a potential employer checks your social media presence after an interview and sees social media posts that reflect someone who can’t string a sentence together, they’ll feel as if the seemingly intelligent, well-put-together individual they just interviewed was just putting up a front.

Most employers understand that Facebook is the place for out-of-the-office information. But you should ensure that whatever information you are putting online does not completely clash with your professional persona.

Robert Downey Jr.


Robert Downey Jr. is a master of brand personality, and he has 26 million likes to show for it. Whether he has a social media guru posting for him or he personally spends the time, his social media following perfectly reflects the quick-witted charming individuality that he has claimed as his own.

As for your personal brand, anyone wishing to make a name for himself or herself should be looking at ways to emphasize individuality and differentiate yourself from the millions of voices talking on social media. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and use your unique outlook to draw an audience. If you’re an exceptional photographer, let your photos speak for you. Writers might want to consider blogging. Comedians or other entertainers might find Twitter to be a great platform for one-liners or witty observations.

Use your special brand identity to reflect your personality and stand out from the job seeker crowd. Give your potential employer a great reason to remember what only you can bring to the table.

Jennifer Lawrence

The above pic is a screenshot of one of the few actual social media postings that Jennifer Lawrence personally wrote. After a celebrity hacking incident, Lawrence jumped away from social media branding completely.

When employers check a job seeker’s online branding, the lack of a social media presence isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the other hand, no social media presence also equates to no positives.

Realize that even though social media can be a powerful tool in many respects, it is not a necessary requirement for getting a great job. Many individuals opt for privacy over publicity and would rather keep a firm line between “work” and “life”, which prevents any potential dangers from postings that may not reflect well.

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