Making the Most of Your Employment Gaps and Down-Time

At some point during the 40 or so years you spend in the workforce, you’re bound to hit some gaps in employment, either due to lay-offs, resignations or outside forces (such as personal illness or family issues).  Whether it’s a few weeks or six months, most people hit a little down-time from the job game; but if you play your cards right, having some time off can work extraordinarily well in your favor.

While we don’t advocate quitting your job on a whim, there is something to be said about making a cautious, calculated decision to leave a dead-end job to pursue something you love. Whether you decide to resign or economic factors force lay-offs, don’t be afraid of time you can spend on bettering yourself so you can be even more desirable and productive when you’re ready to re-enter the workforce.

The “do’s” for how to spend time in an employment gap are as varied as the people who experience them: from education to networking to introspection, people will choose to spend their time in different ways and still come out feeling positive and productive. The “don’ts” are a little more universal: don’t get discouraged, don’t give up on ever finding a job, don’t get caught up in sleeping in and doing nothing, and don’t let opportunities slip past you. If you start off your unemployment with a list of personal goals and things you need to accomplish, get those done first. Been awhile since you’ve been to the dentist? Ready to start that morning workout routine? Do it now – it’s much easier to form healthy habits when you have time to devote to them, and you’ll be more prepared to jump back into a 40-hour workweek if you don’t feel like you have loose ends in your personal life that are stressing you out.

On the professional side, you have a unique advantage to focus on things that will make you a stronger candidate for the job you really want. Instead of spending eight hours a day filing papers at your old day job, you can spend eight hours a day researching your industry, studying best practices, gaining a new skill that will benefit your future, and the list goes on. Looking for film marketing jobs in NYCConsider enrolling in a certificate program for film or marketing at a trade or community college. 

Television production jobs more your speed? Study up on broadcast news and trends. Being aware of what’s going on in your industry will give you an edge when you start going on interviews, and will let your employer see you are willing to work hard even during bouts of joblessness.


What it really boils down to is having a positive attitude, seeing time off as an opportunity instead of a handicap, and maximizing your return on your newfound free time. While you’re searching for that new job, don’t just jump on the first offer you get; be intentional, pursue what you’re interested in and be realistic. If you’re interested in media jobs in Los Angeles, start applying! has plenty to offer, and there’s no better time to start pursuing your dream job.

To Your Success,

Jason Armetta
President, Founder 



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