Perseverance is Key: Staying Optimistic in a Frustrating Job Market


Whether you’re looking for your first professional job out of school or you’re trying to work toward a career you feel more passionate about, you can’t deny that the current employment landscape feels a bit more sparse than it did just a few short years ago. In many industries, companies are cutting budgets and freezing new hires; and country-wide, potential employees are working harder than ever to land their perfect career.

There were more than 13 million unemployed Americans last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ web site. That can be a pretty frightening statistic, and many people are feeling unsure about their future in light of a seemingly uncertain economic environment.

But don’t be discouraged: companies are hiring.

New jobs are opening. These jobs need to be filled and the people who land those spots are the ones who are working the hardest. It is a sad reality that a lot of the people who would be your competition for a given job opening aren’t willing to put in the legwork to see it through. Writing a cover letter, proofing their resume one more time, sending follow-up notes and even simply actively looking for a job are too much responsibility for some of the unemployed in the country. You can set yourself apart by being a proactive, professional candidate for any position that interests you. If it’s TV or music jobs, Chicago and other larger metropolitan areas have plenty of job openings – you just have to be aggressive in pursuing them. And, when it comes to music jobs, NYC has a lot of opportunity for new graduates to get their feet wet and work toward a fulltime career.

Regardless of the specific industry you want to break into, the challenge comes in staying motivated and putting everything in to your search every time you send out your resume. Don’t half-heartedly attempt to send a cookie cutter resume and cover letter to every company in America. Seek out jobs that you’re qualified for and would actually enjoy so that you can be excited about the application process. The likelihood of finding a job that’s exactly what you want, making a lot of money in the city you already live in might not be as high as you’d like; staying optimistic and staying realistic are going to go hand- in-hand throughout your job search. Maybe your quest for a sports journalism career will lead you to Boston. Maybe while looking for production assistant jobs, Los Angeles will be your only option. You have to be flexible and recognize that your dream job might take a little sacrifice in the beginning – but rest assured, it will be worth it in the end!

The bottom line is that you can’t let hearing “no” turn you off the job search. You never know when that response will be a “yes!” For a comprehensive list of successful companies that are looking to fill a lot of great job openings, check out our listings on now.

To Your Success,

Jason Armetta
President, Founder


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