Quick Tips & Tricks for Formatting a Stellar Resume


Your resume is your job hunting asset that not only states what you’ve done, but also what you were responsible for in past positions. However, in order for your resume to stand out, you need to present this data in a neat, succinct fashion. There are many factors involved in designing and presenting your resume, and failing to pay attention to the appearance of your resume will cause it to fail to be noticed (no matter how well written it may be). So here are a few quick tricks to help you format a stellar resume.

  • Use bullets for key concepts and accomplishments.
  • Avoid large paragraphs that read like a novel.
  • Bold each employer to provide separation between jobs.
  • Provide a good chronology of employment. Trying to hide gaps in employment only brings attention to them. Instead, accept reality and have a good explanation. Your honesty and forthrightness will be appreciated.
  • Avoid the use of ‘I’ in the résumé; it doesn’t indicate a strong team player.

For more in-depth details on some of these tips, download the article, “10 Keys to a Successful Resume” on our site. While you’re there, put your resume to good use and apply for one of the thousand entertainment jobs we’ve got posted.

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