Radio City Rockettes Mark 85 Years for being a line of crystal-bedecked women high-kicking it, the world-famous Rockettes are celebrating in a big way this year. This holiday season marks the 85th anniversary of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and the Rockettes are putting on a show like never before. This year’s 90-minute show has been brought into the Wii era, adding digital projections on the world’s largest flown indoor LED screen, a 3D section that requires special glasses and even a sequence inspired by a computer game.

While the Rockettes’ show will still be honoring its rich past on this milestone anniversary with beloved numbers like “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” the show is also making it clear that state-of-the art technology is transforming traditional live theater entertainment. No longer are titles like choreographer, stage manager, and orchestra conductor the only people working on Broadway. These days, graphic designers, video directors, and a variety of technology extraordinaires are finding new jobs as live theater adapts to stay relevant in our digital entertainment world.

If you have skills in graphics and digital technology, consider the new career path options the world of theater is starting to offer. Check out our entertainment job listings for digital-experience related entertainment careers in Los Angeles to New York on Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, such as marketing theater shows like the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, we’ve also got listings for marketing sales jobs including marketing agency jobs in New York. Just think: by this time next year, you could be on the same payroll as the Rockettes, instead of just reading about them!

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