The Digital Downfall of Modern Music Journalism

Remember when MTV actually played non-stop music videos and Rolling Stone covered up-and-coming indie bands? Today it seems the lack of music in “music journalism” is an increasingly pervasive phenomenon across all multimedia platforms. What’s driving this cultural shift? In part, the nationwide move to an online space; as advertising spend migrates from print to digital, online publishers have to guarantee clicks to stay afloat. Unfortunately for music purists, that means coverage of mainstream acts -- and, for some publications, broader coverage of entertainment and pop culture beyond just music.

Today, Rolling Stone covers everything from movies to politics. Where once music was the focal point – if not singular purpose of the magazine’s content – it’s all but a footnote in the publication today. Are those coveted advertising budgets crushing niche journalism opportunities? Yes and no. It’s undeniably more difficult for music publications to turn a profit when targeting a smaller group of people, but there will always be a need and audience for unique and relevant music information. As personal music blogging skyrockets among idealistic would-be music journalists, the internet proves helpful, providing a larger audience for these music enthusiasts than there ever would have been before.

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