The Most Underrated Job Skills in the Entertainment Industry

In a job search, the purpose of a resume is to inform a potential employer of the strengths and skills you have based on your prior experience. There are common skills featured on many entertainment job resumes like “highly organized” or “capable of managing a production team.” While those skills are all well and good, and much appreciated by potential employers, there are several job skills necessary for succeeding in the entertainment industry that often get overlooked on resumes.

From TV jobs Los Angeles to media jobs in Atlanta, don’t sell your skills short when crafting your resume. Here’s a few of what we believe are the most underrated, but essential, skills for anyone seeking a career in the entertainment industry:

1.Resilience – In an industry where it is common to pay your dues first before seeing your hard work pay off(working long hours, unpaid internships, taking multiple gigs to make ends meet, working from the bottom up, etc.), exhibiting this strength shows you don’t easily give up and that you have staying power. It lets employers know you can handle challenges they throw your way and overcome them with resolve.

2.Patience – Due to high competition, sometimes jobs in Hollywood require a bit of patience. Whether that means persistent networking until you find the right person to help get your foot in the door or a Zen attitude about putting up with the daily grind in order to get the experience qualifying you for a promotion. Patience can go a long way in creating a foundation for lasting success in this industry.

3.Interpersonal Communication – In the entertainment industry, the adage “it’s who you know” is often true. Listing strong communication skills on your resume is an advantage because employers like to know you are able to network and potentially help their business get “in” with the right people, and will be able to successfully work with their other employees on a daily basis.

While these characteristics may not be the first ones people think of listing when tailoring their resumes or talking about their strengths in an interview, they are differentiators that can help you rise above the pack. Find additional advice, tips, open positions for entertainment marketing careers and more on Start your custom entertainment jobs search now!

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