The “Second Screen” Movement

To quote Bob Dylan: the times they are a-changin’. We see it every day in every area of our lives, but perhaps one of the most obvious examples of how technology has helped redefine our world is in the new trends happening in the entertainment industry.


More than ever, Americans are using smartphones and tablets for simultaneous media consumption. A Nielsen study showed that about 40 percent of Americans use tablets or smartphones while watching TV at least once a day and twice as many do so at least once a month. As TV by itself is no longer enough for many consumers, forward-thinking companies are starting to take advantage of tablets and smartphones for a multi-dimensional user experience.


Major broadcasting companies are incorporating “second screen” apps that supplement onscreen action with behind-the-scenes footage, quotes from the cast, games and other exclusive features. Many also encourage viewer participation through interactive features such as voting for favorite scenes and characters.

The idea behind this multi-layered approach is twofold: first, it gives users what they’re asking for and encourages more interaction and loyalty among them; and second, it provides additional space for increased advertising revenue with every popular broadcast.

The good news is that more revenue flowing in to these companies means more jobs being created for people like you. Whether it’s production assistant jobs or Los Angeles entertainment jobs that you’re after, business growth means more job creation across the board. The need for creative people doesn’t stop at high-level executives in major cities with entertainment jobs; Atlanta and other midsize cities are also looking for smart workers to help bring local TV stations into the digital age.

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