Timing can be as important as time…


September marks a particularly important month in the calendar year when it comes to ones job search or longer term career planning. The dog days of summer are quickly departing, vacation season is ending, school is back in session, and the next official holiday stands weeks away.  There are no more excuses or diversions to distract us from the reality of our lives:  fewer weddings, beach parties, holiday weekends, graduations, and vacations.  We are, for all intents and purposes, back to the “grind” of life – family, friends, colleagues, career, job, academia, etc.

Historically, during this time of the year, many significant decisions begin to take form as individuals try to determine the next best steps in their career and life paths.  Interestingly, many people think that this occurs mostly near the New Year, typically regarded as a time of personal, professional or spiritual rebirth.  However, in fact, the initial seed planting, nurturing, consideration, and planning for year-end or New Year decisions surrounding career normally begin germination around the FALL, prior to the holiday season.   The “decisions” then manifest themselves as “actions” nearer to the end of the year or New Year because there is a process that must unfold before the final action can come to fruition.

So, in the Media, Entertainment and New Media Industries, what and how can we take advantage of this phenomenon called “timing” right now?   First, realize that whatever TIME you have put forth up until now has not been useless or without value.  Any investment in time, energy or action will enhance the overall process down the line.  Second, please be aware that the Industry has made very few, if any, major decisions or actions over the past few months.  The activity of the past few months, from music tours this summer (planned months in advance) to summer blockbuster movies (produced a year or two earlier) to visible results to venture capital investments in new media companies (Groupon) are the result of work done months, if not years, earlier.  You haven’t missed much come September.

 Third, embrace the fact that the multi-media industry “energy” has begun to permeate as the summer fades away, beach houses close up, college students return to school, and artists return from sabbaticals.  As a whole, this renewed “energy” within the entertainment community will create a NATURAL and shared boost towards job opportunity and career opportunity.  Fourth, acknowledge the reality that the stock market, economy, and industry budget analysis have all “cleansed” the industry of the wasteful, inefficient and unproductive resources over the past quarter.  Finally, with this renewed energy, efficiency, streamlined status, and refocus, understand that the major industry players and forces in are now back in decision-making mode.  These decisions will lead to the new job opportunities, as well as career advancement opportunities, that our 4EntertainmentJobs.com members seek.

In closing, please recognize that past TIME has not been a waste of time.  Past TIME spent putting research, work and energy into determining what you would like to do, how you are going to do it, and when you are going to act is critical.  You now have positioned yourself to take advantage of TIMING and opportunity.  Get organized, update your cover letters and resumes with new and relevant info tied to what has happened in the past few weeks (not years), clean up your social media presence (clean up your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube), and put a deadline-specific plan in place.  Re-connect with your personal professional network to uncover new developments and opportunities.  Re-establish your commitment to establishing the foundation required for you to pursue your career goals and aspirations as much as working on your actual job.  Time management is the key to this process and, if well managed, should provide you with plenty of opportunity to successfully progress on both ends.


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