Top markets for entertainment job seekers

As companies look for better tax breaks and rebates, a growing number of production companies are making more than just LA the backdrops for their television shows. Among 203 pilots, only 44 percent were filmed in the LA region. That’s down from last year’s 52 percent. So where are production company’s looking to as the next big city for great entertainment talent?

New York, NY

New York City has served as the backdrop for many movies and TV shows, and the city’s unique urban environment continues to pull in plenty of productions. A healthy tax rebate for the state helps too. Last year, the state allocated $420 million in film and television rebates.

Austin, TX

Texas currently stands as the third most popular state to film in the movie industry. Austin stands as its primary hub although both Houston and Dallas pull in good talent. The city offers a five to 17.5 percent tax incentive program in addition to sales tax exemption for any production looking to film there.

Atlanta, GA

Known as the “Hollywood of the South”, Atlanta has been drawing significant attention from the entertainment industry. Three large production studios – Turner, Tyler Perry and Screen Gems – make their home there, and the larger film industry claims the employment of 5,000 technicians and other workers in the state.

New Orleans, LA

An up-and-coming region for major film productions, New Orleans made some waves in 2014 when four out of the six highest profile Academy Awards went to films shot in and around the city (including the 2014 Best Picture “12 Years a Slave”). The city currently holds the title of the film-production capital of the world due to most major-studio productions being shot primarily in Louisiana.

Toronto, Canada

As one of the two cities that make up “Hollywood North”, Toronto has been used as the backdrop for many American movies. From Robocop to Pacific Rim, the city often is used as a stand-in for New York City and Chicago due to provincial and federal level tax incentives.

Vancouver, Canada

The second city claimed as “Hollywood North”, Vancouver has been used as a “secondary LA” for the last century. Only 1,000 miles away from LA, (or a short 3-hour plane ride), Vancouver’s proximity to the homes of many principle actors helped grow the entertainment industry in the Canadian city. It also pulls in movies due to Canada’s federal tax program.

Los Angeles isn’t the only place for those looking for jobs in the entertainment industry. Although going out west has been the staple for many would-be actors and directors, it’s not the only destination option as other cities claim bigger and bigger slices of the entertainment industry pie. Check out the many entertainment jobs listed in our database and see for yourself the many places you can start your career.

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