TV Is Changing – Should Job-Seekers Be Worried?

In an evolution made for a George Carlin skit, the definition of television has changed. The tube is now a form of “media” where viewers no longer simply watch their favorite shows – they consume content. Unfortunately for television networks, these arbitrary words have hurt more than sticks and stones. New “content” suppliers like Netflix, YouTube and Twitch are challenging, and in some cases, eclipsing TV giants like CNBC and FX in viewership.

Concerns over viewership inevitably lead to concerns over revenue and whether new media forms will affect networks’ ability to generate it. While Big TV is most certainly not going away, more major networks are expanding their services beyond broadband, illustrating an effort to adapt to today’s non-linear media environment. As networks adjust to the changing market, so also must the nearly 300,000 people they employ.

But adaptation doesn’t have to restrict opportunities for those looking to break into the television or media industries. In fact, changes to the way Big TV does business could bring a breath of fresh air to their technology, the way they operate and the way they hire.

Along with the possible opportunities brought on by TV’s foray into over-the-top (OTT) content, there are more and more OTT providers hitting the market and looking for talent.


Hulu is looking for all sorts of “Hulugans” to fill their eight offices in the U.S. in China. They’ll even give you a few tricks and tips to help you get hired.

Sling TV

Things are looking up for Sling TV. In addition to hiring the founder of a tech company that was acquired by TiVo for $135 million cash, the streaming service is also launching more channels, on-demand titles and programming features.


The modern definitions of television include gaming too. Not only has Twitch proved to be highly accessible for users (it’s free on most platforms), it’s pretty accessible to job-seekers too. They’re hiring all over the U.S., U.K. and China. Even ESPN is trying to get a cut of the pro gaming pie.

Whether you’re interested in adding to the new definition of television at a major network or want to help create it at a new OTT provider, you should search what TV jobs are out there waiting for you.  

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