Why We Need Digital Effects in Entertainment

Special effects have always been an important part of major motion pictures. One of the reasons people are so attracted to movies is that they represent a different world, a life that most people never experience. The incredible popularity of fantastical films such as “The Lord of the Rings,” “Harry Potter”, “Avatar” and “Star Wars” (all multi-million-dollar franchises) shows just how much people love to get lost in a different world.

Of course, part of developing a mythological land – or representing a part of reality that’s hard to picture – involves the ideation and successful execution of complex ideas and visions.

That’s where digital effects come in.

Going from an idea in the director’s mind to a million-dollar box office hit requires talent, manpower and cutting edge technology. Do you think “The Hobbit” would have been as successful as it was if Smaug the dragon were poorly designed? What about a “Gravity” that didn’t create a plausible vision of outer space? Viewers want to get lost in another world, which requires seamless believability.

As technology gets better, movies are becoming playgrounds for stunning visual effects. “Ender’s Game,” which released in November of 2013, emerged from a partnership between entertainment companies and the digital effect company Digital Domain.

OddLot Entertainment, the other production company involved on “Ender’s Game,” sought the help of Digital Domain to help finance the movie and bring the whimsical, otherworldly movie to life.

Daniel Seah, CEO of Digital Domain, says working directly alongside the production company is a “great asset,” allowing for more freedom and involvement in the production of the movie.

The partnership proved both challenging and rewarding, as the movie’s detailed and complex digital effects were an undertaking all their own.

"Some of the scenes were a hundred times harder than what we've done in the past,'' said Matthew Butler, visual effects supervisor for the film and Digital Domain employee, in an LA Times article.

Butler went on to say that by working closely with the director and production company in the early stages, it’s easier to get the graphics closer to the original vision for the film.

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